Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WAS in a slight funk!!

Im not even gonna tell you about my current position on the lapband journey!!

So, those who know me know that my husband has been unemployed since last september. He has been applying for every job under the sun......The problem you ask??? He makes the max on unemployment so in order to find a job making the same as unemployment he would have to get at least 15$ a hour. There are 50 people applying for the same jobs as him but are willing to take way less. UGH!!!!

My husband had to go outta town with his father for 9 days, i have never been away from him that long :( He left last saturday at 6AM and wont be back til easter sunday.

Ok now you notice the title of this blog says WAS??? :0)

Hubby got a call wednesday before he left, a company called Borax, im sure you have heard of the soap?? They want to interview him thursday. Hubby went and was offered a job as a forklift operator starting at 19.48$ an hour, ALSO they asked him to come back for another interview for a supervisor position making 35$ an hour. So he accepted the position as forklift operator, of course still in hopes for the other position. YAY a JOB!!!

Also, next week is spring break for my kids at school. I took the week off of work using vacation days just in case hubby got the job and guess what??? THey want him to start his job on the 12th which is the monday after spring break. So hubby, myself and my kids are all off for a week before he starts :0) In 12 years of marriage it has never happened!!! Ok so hopefully things are turnin around to the positive in my life eh??

Now surgery hurry up already!!!!


  1. **!*!*!*!!YAY!!*!*!*!*!*! I'm SO happy for you!
    I'm glad you're back and feeling better.

  2. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - that's a huge WAS! So so so so so happy for you! Keep us posted..he'll have that promotion in no time I bet!

  3. Thank you ladies, you always know how to make me smile :0)

  4. Oh fantastic, fantastic news!!! Nothing worse than the man being out of work. It puts a strain on everything. He must feel so chuffed now.

    Enjoy your time away together. Sounds like its badly needed and you'll have a blast.

  5. So glad to hear the great news. Hope you have a wonderful week off together.

  6. Oh, that's fantastic news! I hope you have a wonderful week together and fingers crossed for the supervisor's gig! :)