Friday, March 26, 2010

BYOC Friday

1. If you could change your first name - what would it be?

I always loved the name Anna Mareena i said i would name my daughter that if i ever had one but i had boys.

2. Why are man hole covers round?

Cause as people grow they grow rounder not squarer JEESH!!

3. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?

My pet peeve is when your telling someone something (or a story) and they have to always interupt and have to top it!!! Can i just tell my story? Im sure yours is interesting also but give me my glory at least for a minute HAHA

4. If you could be a car - what would it be?

I want a Chrysler 300 but if I were a car, i would be a dodge stealth!! Only because i test drove one once along time ago and never felt so much power in my hands in my life :)

5. What's the biggest thing you learned from a blog this week or which blog spoke to you the most this week off the top of your head?

Mine was from LDswims - Her blog about the changes that happen in a person after weight loss bad or good!! It really hit home cause i been over weight my whole life and my husband chose me when i was fat, my family loved me when i was fat, i had great friends when i was fat, I dont wanna lose any of those by becoming a mightier than thow skinny!!!


  1. Oh God you drove a Stealth? You're my freaking idol.........Smooches hun! Thanks for answering.

  2. Ok - these comments are not in relation to today's blog. I just got all caught up and will be a better follower now.

    You are so lucky that you won't have to do a pre-op diet. Can I say "I hate you"? I wouldn't mean it, though! Just the notion of no friggin diet!!!

    You're in Victorville? I'm from Fontana although I don't live anywhere near So Cal anymore. :)

  3. You'll still be the same sweet you, fat or thin! Just a lot happier when you get to goal.

  4. Ok so i test drove a stealth with no intentions of ever being able to afford one HAHA Just for fun :)

    Im pretty excited about the no pre op diet :) YAHOO!!!

    I was born and raised in barstow but moved to victorville last year. I know where fontana is and im sad your not there anymore. I cant find anyone on here anywhere close to me. :(

  5. Hey you have reduced so significantly. Your weight loss journey is simply awesome. It's great to see you lose so much. You could be inspiration to many. Thanks for your blog.

  6. I left you an award on my blog.