Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My 1st blog

Hi ya'll :) Today is my first time blogging so bear with me.

When i was in the 10th grade i hit 200 lbs and thought i would just die!! Throughout the years i packed on a couple here and a couple there. I met my husband in 1997 and was 219 lbs. I then had 2 children (which i lost weight when i was pregnant) and gained 83 lbs after my last one. So there i was 30 years old and 302 lbs. I had diabetes, i barely could tie my shoes and the worst thing ever happened to me. We were at an amusement park and i was asked to get off the ride cause i couldn't get the seat belt buckled!!


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That was it!! I started the Atkins diet along with my husband and was pretty successful. I lost 100 lbs and got down to 203 and the hubby (of course) lost all his 85 lbs and still has it off UGH! I fell off that wagon and just cant stick with eating no carbs for the rest of my life so i now have gained 50 lbs back!! This past June i decided to look into LapBand surgery and felt it was the right thing for me. Of course you cant just walk in and get it :) First thing was i had to have my gall bladder out because of stones, they cant to lapband if you have gall stones. Then i had a bacteria in my stomach which caused to much acid, got that taken care of with 15 pills a day of antibiotic, thought i was gonna be really sick then HAHA. The insurance asked me to see a nutritionist for 6 months and then they would approve it. I am now currently waiting for a call (should be today) to set my surgery date. I CANT WAIT :)

Well that's me as of now, in a nutshell of course.

I welcome and comments and/or suggestions.

PS Jennifer thank you so much for bringing me here :)


  1. Good luck, Tracie! Best decision I ever made! And welcome!

  2. TRACIE!!!!! Yay! I'm so happy you are here. You are going to love this community. They are a bunch of amazing women full of support and knowledge.
    I am so excited to follow you and support you! Keep posting - this was a GREAT first blog!

  3. Way to go. I believe you will not regret it. I was banded 3 months ago and love my band... You can find me at

    Look forward to reading more...

  4. Great first blog! Found you through my BFF Jennifer! She's the best huh? Looking forward to getting to know you.

    I'm at:

  5. Thank you all and YES Jenn is the best when it comes to support. I knew her on another website and was sad when she was gone. Im so glad i found her :)

  6. Good luck to you Tracie! I am pre-op too, and found your blog through Jen.

    With such a great support network around us, I know we'll all be successful!