Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OK first of all

First of all,

So i have an appt for April 21st (earliest avail) to meet my new doctor and see my new hospital. Hopefully the insurance will have approved everything by then :) The new office ladies are claiming i have that visit, then an 8 hour class, then surgery!! YAY!! So my hoping surgery would be in April has now moved to May (is started Jan). Late is better than never right?????

I asked the new office ladies how long after the 8 hour class til my surgery and she said "the very next surgery day, which is Mondays." I'm like "Don't you require a pre op diet?" She said "Just no food or liquids after midnight the day before your surgery." Anyone ever heard that before??????

Second of all, (thought id follow drazil teehee)

I need to get a pedicure so badly, but my last experience has left me scarred!! The lady did the callus treatment on my feet and shaved the side of my foot into a opened wound! Then, she clipped the top of my pinky toe with the clippers and poured SUPER GLUE on it to stop the bleeding!! I was so mad UGH! I went to pay, yes i paid for this treatment, and she says "oh sorry our credit card machine is down you have to walk to the liquor store next door to get cash" I say "well do you have some of those lil fake shoe thingys for me to put on (i was on my lunch hour from work wearing tennis shoes)" SHE DIDN'T!!! I walked next door, through a greasy ass blacktop got the cash and actually paid her!! I need to grow some balls EH??? So when i say scarred, i mean permanently scarred, i still have it on the top of my pinky toe to prove it!!!!

Alright I'm done rambling on, thanks for listening :)


  1. I didn't have to do a pre-op diet either. I've found a handful of other people with that experience. Count your blessings. It is much easier to do liquids right after surgery.

    Horrible pedicure experience!

  2. Hi there,
    Just found that you are following my blog. Great you now have a month (May) if not a date for the surgery. Look forward to reading more!!

  3. Oh, you are SO LUCKY with no pre-op diet!
    I had a 14 day liquid diet. No solid food at all!
    And second, holy crap - you are so nice to have paid that woman. What a load of BS! Go get another one but go to a different place. :)

  4. Oh Jenn i will never and i repeat NEVER go to that place again. I should have reported them!!!

  5. Scary pedicure place...Holy Pinkie! Hey, I had some success with Atkins (50), but 100 is awesome and you didn't gain it back!! The band will get you the rest...and more importantly, KEEP us all there!

  6. No pre-op diet for me either. I can't tell you how thankful I was for that.. My surgeon said that he just didn't see the need for it. It's so much easier just fasting from midnight the night before... also you get to have a proper "last supper", heh.

    That pedicure sounds like a nightmare! Super glue??? How the hell are you supposed to get that off?

  7. BG - I gained 50 of it back because i just cant do that diet anymore UGH Thank you all for the support.

    Butterfly - My toes were stuck together for over a week UGH!

    I am totally excited about the no preop diet :)

  8. Tracie - Thanks for posting on my blog that you're in the same boat as me, but good God girl, you've lost 52 lbs. What an achievement! And now you have to go through this crap with finding a new doctor and a new hospital. You're a trooper.