Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been MIA for a few days

Hi everyone

Well i found out my doctor does surgeries at another hospital that is a COE (Center of Excellence) Its a little further away from me which is ok. They wont do it outpatient at the hospital so i will get a night away from the kids :) Tomorrow they will be reissuing the request to the insurance so i might hear back within this week. God i hope so!!! PRAY FOR ME!!


  1. Yay Tracie! I've been thinking about you and now I'm praying! You are one step closer, this is great news. And hey, anything that says Center of Excellence sounds like a great place to have your surgery!!

  2. Yippeee....I'll pray and pray and pray! Hang in there!

  3. Yes Jenn and so far they have been so good to me everytime i call. The other place would never answer or return my calls, it was driving me crazy :)

    Thanks ladies :) I can use all the prayer i can get