Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey Everyone :)

I still have 2 months til surgery and getting nervous already.

I have a question - Gall Bladder Removal VS Lapband?????

Which one is more painful???


  1. Never had it but from what I've read on here, it seems to be Gal Bladder.

  2. Getting my Gall Bladder removed was part of my lapband journey and i survived it pretty well so im just curious if getting the lapband is gonna be easier or harder :) I hope its easier then i know for sure i can handle it. HAHA Getting nervous LMAO

  3. I can't speak from experience but from what I've read on those that have had both gallbladder and lap band surgery the latter seems to have been much easier. It's natural to be nervous but you'll be fine.

    Everyone's experience is different but I didn't need to take any of the prescribed pain medication after L B surgery. Just a couple of crushed tylenol got me through the second day and I was back to work on day 4.

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  5. Just checking in. Are you still getting surgery? Hope everything is okay.

  6. Hey Guurrrl!! Missing you - how's it going?

  7. Traci they are both the same type of procedure and don't feel any different. I am 23 and have had both! i feel great and I was just banded 1 week ago.