Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last meal???

Any ideas from any of you pro-bandsters? What is the thing i wont be able to have most of????


  1. I haven't found anything I haven't been able to eat yet, but then again I'm only 2 months out and have only had one fill. :-)

    My "last meal" before I started my liquid diet was Mexican - my favorite. You know what I had for lunch today? Mexican. The difference? Pre-band, I had loads of chips and salsa and guacamole, an entire order of fajitas, and fried ice cream. Today I had 1.5 bean enchiladas with verde sauce, lowfat cheese and sour cream, and about 4 chips with salsa. I can tell you with 100% honesty that I enjoyed lunch today more because I wasn't all panicky about if I was going to be hungry later.

    I haven't attempted pizza or a Philly cheesesteak sub, so looking back, that's probably what I'd have.

  2. I used to love, love, love bread pre-surgery. When I was researching the lap band procedure and people would mention that they no longer ate bread, I couldn't even imagine it. Now I rarely have it, I can tolerate it well enough, but it just doesn't have the strong appeal it once did. Getting back to your question I would suggest really good pizza or some great bread and a nice steak.

  3. Maybe just bread. I haven't had bread for bread for months and months and months. That said, I don't miss it any more either.. actually, sometimes a piece of toasted with jam and melted butter would be nice lol but it's not everything.

  4. I'm only two and a half weeks out and I'm eating most everything I want. I am noticing bread just is really losing it's appeal to me. And steak (ribeye specifically) is painful going down. But other than that, everything I've tried so far has been fine. Who knows how long this will last, though, I'm only two and a half weeks out from surgery. :)

  5. I can pretty much eat anything I want. I choose not to eat many things, though. My tastes have changed & I no longer crave a lot of bad stuff.

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