Friday, April 16, 2010

I am so scared!!

My friend just broke it to me that 2 years ago she had lapband!! OMG She has not lost anything, i am so afraid of that!!!

Ok now that i got that off my chest, i got a call from my new dr office (whom i have not even visited yet) saying that my first appt which is next wed (the 21st) well be just meeting the doctor and going over my chart to be sure i already did all the requirements at the other dr office. If so, they will just put it through to the insurance for approval on the actual surgery. Its getting closer.............


  1. That is scary but I still would not give up my band. THere must be a reason why she is not losing..

    Yeah that is awesome about the appointment. I will keep my fingers crossed for you..

  2. I wonder why she hasn't lost anything? You should send her over here so we can try and help her figure it out.

    It's going to work - trust me, If I can lose it anyone can!

  3. WOOHOO - great on the appt. You can do this - you won't be like her - I just know it. Have you seen our BOOBs blog - about our trip to Chicago?

  4. I too worried about not losing after going through the Surgery. Yes, it can happen, but if it did, it is almost always because the person didn't change their eating habits after Surgery!!

    You cannot continue to consume the same amount of calories and expect to lose weight. I am on the "no diet, diet". Meaning that I am not trying to lose the weight fast, and by doing so, keep myself from eating what I like.

    I am eating a normal diet for me, just eating smaller portions and trying to stay away from the sweets, etc. It will come off, just slower!!

    Don't worry, I am sure that you will do fine!!!