Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peter and I :)

Ok so i have been gone from here for a couple months, sorry ;)

I got my band on July 19th and am doing well, i think. Im hungry! I can't wait to get a fill so hopefully i wont be so darned hungry anymore.

I got to start having chicken this week, oh man i forgot how tasty it was HAHA Its amazing how good stuff taste when you have not had it in awhile. Anyhow not really sure what else to say, if you have any questions just ask and i will answer :)

Oh yeah, 15 days out and 20 lbs gone :)


  1. 20 lbs. in 15 days...AMAZING!!! Keep bloggin' girl, you've got a lot to teach others!

    I've given you a Blog award...see tomorrow's (8/12) Blog to pick it up!

  2. Hey, Girl. Haven't heard from you in a shile. How are you doing?

  3. I mean't "while". I really shouldn't blog after midnight. :)